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Thank you for visiting Nano Metal Co. to learn more about who we are and what we do. We are for over 25 years have been providing Design/Build Construction services for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Municipal customers. Our Company employs highly qualified and experienced Managers and Engineers as well as skilled multinational workforce that enables it to offer and provide several services in the Construction field.Our strength is our clear vision as a firm and the ability to lead your project to completion with an experienced, professional, and courteous staff. From our mission, corporate culture, and reputation, is based on providing our clients with the absolute confidence that they are receiving the best services available in our industry. We take pride in our ability to complete projects safely, on schedule, and within budget. Construction is what we do and we do it well. Building isn't just a livelihood or a job for us, its our craft .it's what we love to do. We want you to come to us with just a vision of your dream home and we guide you through the entire process until your home or other projects becomes reality. Our construction practices produce a quality, functional and an absolutely gorgeous home or finished Project. Honest, knowledgeable, responsible, creative and professional are several of the terms used by our clients in their testimonials. As a result, Nano Metal Co. is known for delivering outstanding, and often complex, projects to clients in a variety of industries located throughout Turkey.We invite you to experience the best that contracting has to offer .we promise to deliver the best product you've ever received. That's not just an empty promise. We will be recognized for the professionalism and quality of our services. Treating others with respect, dignity and honesty is a Core Value of our company. Our goal has always been to deliver efficient, cost effective, and high quality construction. Our website is designed to provide detailed information on Who We Are, How We Work, Our Processes, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines. Accordingly, please know that I, personally, am available to meet your every need including pre-construction design evaluation, value engineering, as well as highly-competitive pricing. To us, "Excellence" means not only being the very best at what we do, but also holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in terms of how we do things.We recognize that any unethical activity by any employee has the potential to jeopardize the entire Company. We will continuously pursue customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is our priority. Quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and passion are the cornerstones of excellence that have propelled Nano Metal Ltd. forward as one of the foremost construction companies in Turkey. In the construction business, integrity is everything. Our bottom line is that we want to exceed our clients' expectations and create a long-term partner. We are grateful to be approaching our 32th anniversary in 2012. We continue to push forward in our determination to become the world's leading engineering company through new opportunities in which we will listen closely to all concerned.If you have any queries regarding the information content presented on the site, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. It will be our privilege to serve you.

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